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Could my wife be pregnent?

we are trying to get pregnent. starting april 28 she started filling wierd she could not explain.then on may 2 she started spotting which has never happend it lasted 2 days and her period does not start tell the 13th of may.she started having diarrea and lower back pain and her boobs looked bigger so we took a ptest on the 5th of may and it was neg. so we tested on the 9th of may and the line was very faint we both saw her boobs are very sencitve but she say it may be from her period. its are first so everything is new to use. thanks for the help. is it a bad idea to get her a mothers day card tomorrow.

Could my wife be pregnent?
If her period is due on 13th that would mean that she is around 11 days past ovulation (dpo) right now. Just so you know the statistics, only 10% of women get a positive pregnancy result at 10dpo. The other 90% of *actually pregnant* women don't get a positive result until much later. However, if you both definitely saw the time, then it sounds very likely.

I would not do the Mother's Day card thing, because right now she is very emotional. And as she said, the symptoms she is feeling can be from PMS as well as from pregnancy. Before her period is the most emotional time, because the body is busy making progesterone .... so I agree that to buy her a pregnancy test to do tomorrow morning (with first pee of the day as it's more concentrated) is a good idea.

Of course, you could get her a gift anyway, and then if there's a line, give it to her as a Mother's Day gift and if it's a negative, save it as a 'just because I love you' gift for another time.
Reply:don't get her a card cos even if she is is anything goes wrong it willbe so upsetting for years to come even if you do have children in the future, any how i would test again in a few days with a different drand test to be sure but i think that she is pregnant aline is a line, but if the line didn't have any colour ie pink or blue depends on your control lone colour then it could be something called an evaporation line, but i am hoping that it is positive have a look on this web site, it is great
Reply:Sounds like she is pregnant but no i wouldnt get the mothers day card. If she is its still early enough and i hate to say it but it might not last so dont tempt fate. Get her a card next year when you have your little bundle of joy there with you both. Congratulations!
Reply:yea its a bad idea to do the mothersday thing....if you aren't for sure she is preggo.....why don't you buy her a prego test instead? could be too early for that too
Reply:try one of the digital pregnancy test have heard they are really good Best Of Luck to you and your wife I would wait on the mothers day card
Reply:how would i know??

It seems like DD's First Mom is backing out of contact again. Any advice?

A month ago DD's First Mom promised to buy an expensive gift for DD's B-day. I e-mailed FM and said she did NOT need this expensive gift and i could offer her other ideas. FMom insisted on buying this gift. Then her car broke down. I know $$ is tight for her and its been a month with no responses to DD's emails.

I asked DD to email her FMom saying that just wishing her a happy birthday was enough of a gift. DD said no. She shouldn't break her promises. I explained that she could have bought you the gift but had to take it back to pay for fixing her car. DD said all she has to do was tell me that, I would have understood. DD refuses to email again cause Fmom and sister have not returned her emails.

What should i do? I've bought her a mothers day card. If DD refuses to sign it should I just sign it and mail it? This is the third time DD's First mom has distanced herself. Should i just back off and do nothing? Should i email dd's first mom? DD is disappointed:(

It seems like DD's First Mom is backing out of contact again. Any advice?
Of course you know much more about your particular situation than you could ever explain in an emails, but this is what I would do:

I'd lay it out in completely clear black and white, DD needs certain, very easy things from the bmom. #1 a b-day card, #2 a phone call at Christmas, #3 etc. Make it sooo easy and clear and next to impossible for her to fail. I'd also explain exactly what you've explained here: keeping promises is important. Don't make promises if you aren't sure you can or will keep them. I would send the card even if DD won't sign and your partner can sign it without mentioning DD's resistence. Keep the doors open!
Reply:She is going to have disappointments through out her life, but what her fmom is doing is not very nice. Go ahead and email her and tell her what she has done. How dissapointed your daughter is.
Reply:I am sorry for what you're going through and can relate to this on so many different levels.

My EX does the same thing to my son. The counselor said that whenever he doesn't follow through on something or doesn't pick him up, that I don't make any excuses. When he filled my sons head with all the things they were going to do for spring break and then didn't show up. It was devasting. The counselor said, "Just give him a hug, tell him you don't know why he did that, and let him know you love him very much."

DD is 10. She is going to realize who she can and can't trust. You are going to have to explain that she needs to watch what people do, not what they say.

This is tough. First mom needs to run things by you. I know I didn't want my son to grow up getting or expecting gifts from people and it sounds like you're the same way. Just tell her in the future, before the holidays or whatever that ya'll can discuss what DD needs. Then she's not to say anything about it until it's a done deal.

I think you've always had a good head on your shoulders and I know you're instincts will come through with the right solution. I can sense that you are hurting for your daughter. Life hurts. Be there for her as you always have been. Help her through this.

You can send a card on your behalf. Let DD do what is right for her. Believe me, no one knows better than DD that this is the third time this has happened.

If it is at all possible, I would seek a few sessions of family counseling. DD needs help. This is a very convuluted situation and it does need to be addressed.

Best wishes. Happy birthday to DD.
Reply:What a mess and this is why I stand by my opinion that open adoptions are head stuffers no offence to you .........

I would treat this like a divorced parent, like torrejon said about laying down certain expectations to keep to commitments

I know that separated / divorced parents do that when th other party doesn't turn up, doesn't ring etc

and that the child will no longer want to see you if you keep letting them down

Good luck with it all
Reply:I can understand your daughter's frustration!

I'd contact mom, and tell her how her failure to answer e-mails is affecting your daughter. Be understanding about the gift, and how hard it must be to disappoint her child, but emphasize that she needs to keep the communication going.

Tell her you are not going to intervene on her behalf again, and that DD is old enough now to have an opinion on the adults she wants to have in her life, and that you are going to back your child.

Tell your daughter that she needs to sign the card, and send it. Remind her that doing the right thing should not be dependent on other people's behavior, but tell her that you won't make her e-mail her other mom again, until mom decides to continue the contact.

Next year, let DD decide whether or not to buy a card.
Reply:I'm sorry your dd is going through this. I don't think I have any extra advice than what you've already gotten. I guess just try to keep the lines of communication open and make it clear that your daughter isn't disappointed by not getting expensive gifts, but she is hurt at no communication. Such a yucky thing for a kid to have to deal with. She's having a rough time lately, poor kid.
Reply:You shouldn't have told DD that her bmom was going to buy her an expensive gift in case things like this happen. It got her hopes up.

If DD refuses to sign it, don't mail it. DD has a right not to have this stuff forced on her.

If this is the 3rd time Bmom has done this, DD is probably getting sick of having her hopes dashed so i would just back away for awhile instead of forcing the issue.

ETA: sorry about making the assumption that you told her about the gifts. BTW, are you sure her car broke down or do you think it was an excuse?

You tell me? please?

I am only a couple days late, but for the past few months i have been putting on weight steadily, peeing like a racehorse day and night, eating everything insight, am so tired i come home from an easy job and fall asleep till morning, i am irritable with my boyfriend at sometimes and can't be with out him others and am so emotional i cried while picking out a mothers day card and every movie i've watched. I keep getting negatives on pregancy tests but some have told me that means nothing. My breasts are a little tender but not overly so. I have never been like this, is it all in my head? I am lost i have gotten my period the past three months, howevers friends say that isn't a sure sign either... help how in the world do i know?

You tell me? please?
Get a dr. appt and get a blood test done.

Best of luck!
Reply:You would know by having your hormone levels checked, and by getting an appointment with a Dr. who can evaluate all of these symptoms.

Make an appointment today. You deserve to not be left worrying about this all the time.
Reply:You really need to see your doctor and have a blood test done. This will let you know for sure if you are pregnant, and give you peace of mind.
Reply:I would head to the doctor for a blood test or scan. It sure sounds like you are pregnant. I wish you the very best!
Reply:blood test/ultra sound is the only way to be sure if you keep getting negative HPTs
Reply:lol your screwed
Reply:ur may be bipoloar so get that checked out
Reply:Unfortunately, these symptoms aren’t unique to pregnancy. They can indicate you are getting sick or that your period is about to start. Likewise, you can be pregnant without experiencing any of these symptoms.

Pregnancy signs include:

1. Implantation Bleeding

2. Delay/Difference in Menstruation

3. Swollen/Tender Breasts

4. Fatigue/Tiredness

5. Nausea/Morning Sickness

6. Backaches

7. Headaches

8. Frequent Urination

9. Darkening of Areolas

10. Food Cravings

However if you want a confirmed answer on whether you are pregnant or not, there are two alternatives that you can seek. The first alternative is to take a home pregnancy test kit one week or so after your missed period. If you are really pregnant, the pregnancy stick will able to detect it due to your high hormones level. Another alternative is to see and doctor and had blood test done.
Reply:First of all, take a home pregnancy test, and if it comes back negative you should see your doctor. It's possible you could have miscalculated your period being due, and sometimes it is just late. Last month, my period was 5 days late, for no apparent reason.

Honestly, it sounds like what you are experiencing is depression. Sleeping all the time, eating more, irritability and mood swings are also symptoms of a depressive disorder. Once they do a blood pregnancy test, if it still is negative, I would talk to your doctor about how you feel, and see if there is anything they can do to help you feel better.

Good luck! I hope you feel better!

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  • What should i say?

    what should i say on my mothers day card i got 1 with record mesage thing on it

    What should i say?
    Thank's for being my MOM,I love you,YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

    Boyfriends Mom?

    Well I guess you can say I have one of those typical military relationship. We have been together for about 7 months and met in training. Anyways, I haven't met his mom and I'm meeting her in 2 weeks. I am going to send her a mothers day card to be on her good side before I show up, but I have no idea what to write... Help... any Ideas??

    Boyfriends Mom?
    How about, a thank you card for raising such a wonderful man, touch on the positive things you like about him and say something like if the way he is is any indication of how you are then I know we will have a wonderful time together and I am looking forward to meeting you..
    Reply:You have a computer you can use so make her a card ... put some nice flowers (ask him her favorites) on the front, and inside write ... You MUST be the BEST mom, because ....(his name) ... is a wonderful guy! THANK YOU! Happy Mother's Day! and sign your name.
    Reply:Tell her what a wonderful son she has.
    Reply:keep it simple, like "happy mothers day, i'm really looking forward to meeting you!" kinda thing
    Reply:she aint your mother thats his place to side her a card it would be different if you had meet her and she was like a mother to you

    also thats her baby you will never be on her good side

    she may respect you and yalls relationship but thats about it
    Reply:I'm kind of stuck at sending a card to someone you haven't met. Either way if you are sending it write:

    X= bf's name

    Y= bf's mom

    You have made X everything he is to me today, and for that I will be forever thankful. Happy Mother's Day Y!

    After yet another row with my 11 year old son, what can I do?

    His attitude stinks. I know, he is approaching his teens and by design, kids become monosylabic, miserable and non communicative. He is developing a real temper though. I try to be calm and talk things out with him but I dont always manage it, I get tearful and very upset and, rightfully angry.

    He is not left to his own devices, He lives within a structural upbringing, he is loved, cared for and I give him as much of my time as he needs. Peer pressure is of course strong at this time and he has been picking up stuff from school as they all do.

    His dad and I have been divorced for 2 years now and his dad doesnt bother about him, we discuss this however and he has lots of support within the whole family.

    As I sit here I am tearful again. He is out with his friends going off to get a mothers day card and a bunch of flowers. I feel he is doing it because he feels he has to, not because he wants to. I just want to forget Mothers Day.

    After yet another row with my 11 year old son, what can I do?
    try getting him to watch Kevin and Perry at large-he might only be 11 but he is obviously getting his teenage angst early

    that film makes teenagers look ridiculous even to other teenagers and its a good laugh. I got my 13yr old son to watch it and every time he has a teenage moment i call him kevin and it always breaks the negative mood

    try to ignore the bad behaviour and encourage the good?

    I know its really hard but try not to be too emotional because they just cant understand what the big problem is. Save your tears for the 'big' misdemeanours because i am sure there will be some in the future.

    Just try to talk to him when he is in a positive frame of mind, its rare but it does happen :0)

    good luck and dont worry i am sure he will turn out to be a brilliant son at the end of all this :0)
    Reply:Teenagers are always like this, they are moody, they sleep in till 4 pm in the weekend. They are always diff cult, and it's a stage everyone goes through. Now as much as you may think he is getting you a mothers day card because he has to, i would bet that he actually wants to, these sort of holidays are brill ant because it means that teenage boys, who don't want to seem weak by showing that they love their mothers, have an 'excuse'.
    Reply:he will come round he might even be surprising you for 2moz. but like you said it is all part of growing up for him and he WILL grwo out of it and learn how to respect his mother.

    hope all goes well. :)
    Reply:Normal actually

    I got councelsing
    Reply:U should let your child grow naturally.. All that u can do is to take maximum care of him and answer all his questions patiently..Children believe what their friends say and later on analyse too..So they take their lessons themselves .
    Reply:Unfortunate indeed. Dry your eyes. Mummy's little darling has started that dreaded of all times in every person's life, puberty. You will fight with him as I did with my mother, and my father was at home. Some children are more difficult to deal with. I remember with distain that I had suddenly found i had testicles and thought it was the first pair in the universe and as such I was more important and special and no one else was going through the problems I had. He may be overly embarrassed by teasing he gets
    Reply:Oh I know how you feel! My little girl is 11 and half the time she is my sweet little girl and the other half she is well...mean! She is a only child and certainly spoiled so every time she opens up her mouth and mean words come out I take something away. There have been several times I would not let her see her horse and my latest weapon is 4-H. Whenever she opens her mouth to get smart I just say 4-H and then she shuts up (most of the time). She knows I have reached my limit and will take drastic measures.

    My daughter has never even met her biological Father but she has so much love from her family and my husband she doesn't even care. I am a firm believer in Moms being number 1 with their children.

    Please keep you head up and stay strong. I know how you feel with the tears and all but your Son loves you more then anything.

    Set rules and ground him from the things he enjoys. It is not a perfect solution but it helps.

    PS I asked my Dad what to do and he told me it was payback from when I was young. I guess I was a pain too but I grew out of it and I am now a loving daughter and my Brother grew out of it too. It will get better :)

    Good luck
    Reply:Sounds like a familiar story. He wants to be independent and you want a rigid framework for his own good. I remember that. I saw much of what my mother did as unreasonable.

    Negotiation is always the key. Hormones are playing up and probably responsible for the temper but make sure he is not smoking the pipe. That can be responsible for grumpy mornings and can screw up young guys heads. Click below to get some more info.

    Reply:Wow. How awful. :(

    I'd NEVER treat my mom like that. But boys, are well boys. I never can understand them...
    Reply:My daughter went through that stage as well and the best piece of advice I can offer is to not let it get to you. It is a normal stage and it will pass. Just keep things as they are (he knows he is loved) and he will one day start talking again and become the person he used to be. As for mother's day don't put a negative spin on it....if he really was a nasty kid he wouldn't even bother getting you anything. Accept his card and flowers graciously and don't even suggest to him you think he is doing out of presure or guilt.
    Reply:You have an up-coming marriage, right? Since he has been abandoned by his father, in his eyes he is now "losing" you to someone else and you are his most important and closest confidant. He is most likely afraid that you will be taken from him. You need to assure him that he is not "losing a mom, but gaining a dad". Encourage your fiance to spend one-on-one time with him, i.e. fishing, batting cages, roller skating, movies of his choice, etc. whenever possible.... He needs to form a bond ASAP with your fiance. Once he realized that you are both there for him, he'll feel safe and unthreatened again. Equally important is for you to somehow include him in the wedding ceremony (Best Man, groomsman, usher, etc).

    Take him aside and ask him how he feels, and assure him that you won't be angry regardless of his answer.

    Then make sure you give him a great big hug!
    Reply:As you suspect he is hurting from something, you and his dad splitting up and the lack of contact since from his dad will be really effecting him, I wish I knew what to say that would make him open up to you!

    Is there another family member/close friend who could have a go at talking to him?

    As for tomorrow, it is only one Mother's Day, there are plenty more to come so I am sure you will have many more 'happy' ones to come!
    Reply:How about getting him a 'Big Brother'?

    Edit: I mean a Big Brother from the Big Brother, Big Sister program, or something similar to it?
    Reply:Its not mothers day yet, not for awhile. You sound depressed, why not you both go see shrinks?

    What should i do?

    my g/f of almost 3 years was caught cheating on mothers day. about 2 months ago i had a feeling that she was but she said TRUST me im not... so i did. I took her her mothers day card to her and there he was (and its kinda hard to hide the hickies that he put on her neck. Now she is saying that she doesnt want to be with me or any1 right now. i was gonna ask her to marry me this week. She told me she needs time to figure out what she wants and that she still loves me and does want to spend the rest of our lives together. WHAT DO I DO

    What should i do?
    leave her and get over her
    Reply:why would you want to marry someone that cheated and lied to you how can you trust her how do you know that she wont do the same when your married its your choice you are to break up with her don't waste you efforts and your kindness on someone that doesn't deserve it well she had said she doesn't want to be with anyone at the moment and I'm sorry to be brutally honest about this but because she doesn't want to be with you and doesn't know how to let you go give her space and move on its hard enough trying to pick up the pieces after someone Tc good luck:)
    Reply:Let her think about it. Maybe go talk to her. She needs sometime to "figure out herself" and what she wants to do. Trust me, I bet that she DOES still love you, but right now she needs some time to think. Although, I bet that she would really like for you two to sit down and talk, too. Good luck
    Reply:She wants to keep her options open for as long as passable, I do not think you need a problem like this in your future do you?

    These behavior traits do not disappear, she will be like you see her now for ever.

    Go to different places and meet new people do new things that will enrich your life, not be some ones Yo-Yo.

    Good Luck
    Reply:YOU should be the one telling her that you need time and space to figure this out. Don't let her have you waiting and hurting when she did wrong, i say MOVE ON, she obviously is a lier and a cheater and not worth the pain.
    Reply:This is a dilemma. If you really love her, you could forgive and forget, but your relationship will always have trust issues.

    I honestly would try to move on, but I know that this is very hard for you, as it would be for anyone.

    Good luck.
    Reply:i know its going to be hard but you are going to have to get over her. you deserve someone better than her. whatever you do, dont go back to her. shes just saying you guys need separate time for the hickey to go away.

    im sorry bout your situation. good luck.
    Reply:hate to break this to u but if she wanted to be with you she wouldn't have been cheating on you. If you do go back to her she will just do it again. Move on and find someone who is worth yur time.
    Reply:Thats a hard decision. Once someone cheats, they usually always will. The trust just isn't there for you anymore. So what happens when you get married and she cheats? If I were you I wouldnt do it.
    Reply:omg, why didn't you just dump her and find another girl? I mean don't take it personally, but if I were you, I would have moved on a long time a go!
    Reply:wow i know you love her but geeze let her go... what a jerk she is.. you can never trust her again, if she did it once, she will do it again. sorry that means ending it but she is shady..
    Reply:Give her time

    I wouldn't trust her enough

    for me to marry her

    once a cheater always a cheater
    Reply:dump her sorry a** shes not good enough shes just useing u i wouldnt trust her if i loved her that much cuz your just ganna end up hurt iv been cheated on so many times and all it did was come back around and bit me in the @$$
    Reply:move on. You will never be able to trust her again.....

    She doesn't want to be with anyone buts wants to sleep around ...... AND spend the rest of her life with you??

    Sounds like you deserve better.
    Reply:Ask her to marry you. If she says no, tell her you can't wait for her forever. Then, move on. Ignore your heart ache and use your head.
    Reply:Give her time... if she doesn't come back then you know she's not the one. it'll be hard because its been 3 years but time heals all
    Reply:why didnt you ask to marry her earlier ??? maybe she needs someone more serious, she didnt want some1 who waits for 3 years b4 asking. I will do the same thing if you waste my time too much.
    Reply:how awful of her! forget about her and move on. if she'll cheat now, she'll cheat later.
    Reply:I wouldn't trust her again, she broke your heart :(

    but, it's up to you..
    Reply:SHe's a no good'll be happier without her
    Reply:What you need to do is stop begging this girl you don't need her. She is confused over what she wants and clearly she does not want you let her go I know its very hard to do this but who needs this type of girl who can not commit to a relationship. I know for sure she will regret cheating on you but what you need to know and learn she has other priorities right now that do not involve you. Its going to be super hard to move on because you have been dating her for about 3 years but come on this can not be your excuse. You need to go out meet new people and it will take time but you will move on, You need to stop talking to this girl and keep no connection what so ever with her. I promise you if you go back with her she is only going to break you apart. Let her go who needs a hoe.
    Reply:Im very young but heres what "lovers" would do.

    If she's worth the pain;;

    If you really love her and you really want to work it out with her. Then just take her back. You need to keep a good eye on her and dont let her go NO WHERE by herself. Keep a close eye on her and wait a couple more years until you propose, because you never know she might just be the WRONG girl.

    If she's not worht the pain;;

    Then just leave her. Gather up everything that you had together, anything that reminds you of her and put together in a pile. Go out to your backyard and put up a fire. Burn everything and go out to the club and party. It will get her off your mind and you can be with friends and your social life.
    Reply:First off, I'm terribly sorry to hear that, it;s hard on ANYONE.

    If I were in your shoes, I would use the time that she needs to consolidate her thoughts, to think things over myself.

    Go over who you think she is and the person that she now appears to be. She seems to have issues, think about them, long and hard; can you trust her? Do you really want to be with her? How would things be if you got together? And, is it worth it in the end if she doesn't want to be a life partner.

    Call up some friends or family. Talk to people about it. Don't let this build up. Go see a movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshal is a closely related movie, but it is pretty funny. Do some things that you enjoy, do something things that you wouldn't normally do -- by this I mean in good practice, stay away from anything that will harm you --

    When the time is right, talk to her (if she will) and see if you can figure things out.

    I hate to say it, but it looks like a dead end; you never know though.

    But if you seriously want to try to stay with her, do some MAJOR thinking about it.

    I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune.

    choosing loops